The Instruments

There are various instruments that are needed for an orchestra. There could be a small one or a larger one compared to the usual number of the instruments used. It can depend on the conductor. The orchestra has four section of the musical instruments that are being used. Let us see the sections and the number of various instruments that are usually used by one orchestra. In the string section of the orchestra, we can find the first violins in 14 number, the second violin numbering to 12, the 10 violas, cellos which is 8 and the 8 of double bass.

The highest pitch instrument in this section is the violin and its counterpart which is the lowest is the double bass. Viola is lower than the violins but there are also others lower than it.

Going into the woodwinds, it has the 2 flutes, the piccolo, 2 oboes( a wood instrument), an English horn, clarinets which is tow, the bass clarinet, the bassoon in two numbers, and the contrabassoon. Going to the brass section, it has the French horns and trumpets in all four. Trumpets in the brass section are the one that produces the highest pitch and it is a brilliant timbre and also a firm one.

There is also the trombones in three numbers and the tuba. There could be a harp. Next is the percussion group that includes the glockenspiel, timpani or kettledrums, cymbals, bass and side drum, triangle, and others. This section is comprised of instruments that produced sound by shaking them or by a striking action. They can be made of wood or metal and others are a stretched skin.